The Foundation

The Fondazione Pro Musica e Arte Sacra is listed in the Register of Corporations of the Prefecture of Rome, registration no. 162/2002 in accordance with DPR 361/2000. A non-profit organisation, its objective is to promote and preserve the performance of sacred music and art at the highest level.

Its main activities are the following:
The Foundation is working on a series of projects aimed at supporting sacred art and music. The Festival's concerts which are being held in each of Rome's Patriarchal Basilicas aim to promote the conservation and restoration of the cultural heritage housed within the basilicas. The Foundation has contributed to 26 restoration projects to date (please see the page „Foundation – Restoration Projects“).

You can find information regarding the Foundation's current restoration projects on the page „The Festival – Objectives“.


Mausoleum Valeri

Baldacchino Papal Altar

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